Hadassah Bymel - Pharmacy and Nature

Hadassah Bymel -
Pharmacy and Nature

Hadassa Bymel – Pharmacy and Nature Ltd provides new and tasty nutritional enrichment products, both to private consumers and to institutions like hospitals and homes for the elderly.

Who is Hadassa Bymel?
Hadassa Bymel, a professional community pharmacist, is the founder of “Hadas Natural Products Ltd”.

Hadassa majored in pharmacology in the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. She acquired extensive experience and know-how in alternative medicine through advanced studies in Germany and France. After purchasing a pharmacy in Haifa, she extended its fields of expertise to homeopathy and medicinal herbs.

In 1992, using the experience she gained, Hadassa established a factory called “Hadas Natural Products Ltd”. The company became one of Israel’s leaders in the fields of vitamins, minerals and natural products.

As the CEO and owner of “Hadas”, she gave the public natural solutions such as “Regyon” and “Chizukit” which became household names all over Israel.

Presently, in the second factory she established, Hadassa continues to innovate for the general public and for medical and nutritional professionals. “Hadassa Bymel – Pharmacy and Nature Ltd”. provides nutritional enrichment products, both to the general public and to various establishments.

The Products:
Hadassa’s products are suitable for consumers of all ages, from 1-year-old babies up to senior citizens.

The raw materials that are used to produce the enrichment powders are carefully chosen. Special emphasis is given to their nutritional values, their quality and flavor. Special consideration is given to health limitations regarding nutritional ingredients (such as electrolytes and gluten).

The products can be easily prepared and used. They come in a variety of shakes, porridges, puddings and high-calorie enrichment powders in as assortment of flavors, and for affordable prices.

Direct Marketing:
With our direct marketing system, both professionals and clients can receive an immediate response from our experienced dietitians for any query.

In addition, a recipe booklet was compiled with recommendations and options for preparing and combining the enrichment powders with different dishes. This gives the clients varied possibilities to enrich their favorite foods.

The company’s website also has instructional videos that demonstrate the different ways of using the products.

Our Credo:
The company was founded with the belief that people who need supplemental nutrition deserve to get it in the easiest, tastiest and most diverse way.

The products were developed with an emphasis on the consumers’ health, enjoyment and benefit.
Under Hadassa Bymel’s management, the factory produces, packs and markets the nutritional products, and these are highly recommended by doctors and dieticians all over Israel.

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